Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hear that??

Wow is the ActiveE quiet...I mean really quiet. When you have the windows up and nothing else turned on it is like a cocoon. You hear everything, mostly new sounds that you never heard before because there was an engine drowning it out. For example, turning on the high beams....listen for it. The wiper motor, the loudness of the climate control and objects hitting the windshield...yes that.

So I was driving home along my normal route and it was pretty buggy out...normal spring evening...nothing out of the ordinary. I hear this noise that sounds like rain on the is not raining...soon I realized it was bugs hitting the windshield, EVERY bug hitting the windshield. Ummm yeah...kinda icky but kinda interesting at the same time since I could now hear each and every bug going to bug heaven by my doing....that is a quiet car.

Want to freak yourself out...turn the ActiveE off (windows and doors closed) and everything else off and sit and wait. Things start to either open or close deep inside the car...yeah, its very much alive.

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