Sunday, March 4, 2012

Enjoy the 'Glide'

After having the ActiveE a few days I gotta say I'm very impressed with the ride quality. I've had many cars over the years, mostly German luxury cars and some sports cars, but this ActiveE has got to be one of the best riding cars I've ever driven overall...even passengers are impressed.

This car does not just ride well, it glides. I think being an EV adds to this, after all there is no vibration or growl and whine from an engine and what you have is a silent buttery smooth power train surrounded by a rock solid chassis that is bolted to a well tuned suspension with a cocoon like cabin sitting on top of now have a vehicle that glides over the roads. Impressive to say the least.

Now when I refer to the motion of my ActiveE I say it 'glides'

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