Monday, August 19, 2013

The Most Rewarding 25,000 Miles I've Ever Traveled

I recently rolled past the 25,000 mile mark and had time to reflect about what I thought of my ActiveE and driving an EV.  After a year and a half, simply, I'm loving it!!

So many thoughts and words come to mind but I have to say it is the overall experience, it just feels right.  I currently drive 80 miles round trip daily and I'm not dreading it.  I look forward to hopping into my ActiveE and driving, I enjoy taking longer routes home, if only there were some public charging stations along my route I'd drive a little extra.

People coming up to the car and asking about it never gets old and showing the car off at events is awesome.  Speaking of events this has been a very busy summer for them, nearly one event after another and its not over.  How much do I enjoy showing the car and talking and spreading EV luv....see below....

Long Valley NJ Green Festival

 Prepping for the event

I eventually squeezed my up into the action on the grass - much better.  Nobody heard me sneak in

Cars and Croissants - Chatham NJ

 A bit of red here

Always fun to park adjacent to a classic

Cars and Coffee - Ridgewood NJ

I was their first EV, great turn out.  That's a pre-production M6 Gran Coupe next to me...good to know peeps at BMW

Tesla Owners Club Meet-Up - Paramus NJ

 Right after Cars and Coffee I rolled on down and crashed the Tesla Users Meet-up - Well...I was invited

 Nice to get attention, we don't compete - all EVs are amazing and compliment each other - this gave folks a chance to see other EVs that are on the road or coming and talk shop. 

These Model Ss look like they are going to take a bite out of my rear

Not staged...we really had to push an ICE vehicle for a rolling start at the Tesla Meet-up - nice ZR1 though 

Getting a boost at Bergen Community College before my next adventure 

Cars and Croissants - Hacklebarney State Park

On the way to Cars and Croissants Hacklebarney Park, Long Valley  - was hoping to recruit this guy to join dice 

We had 2 Honda Fit EVs join us - awesome 

A very good turn out and 4 EVs in total 

This is really a great event, all cars welcome

We are usually the last to leave 

Offered my Fit EV friend a boost before he headed home - wow these Fit EVs charge fast!

NJEAA SmartED Ride and Drive - Wagner Farms

A full review of this event can be found at InsideEVs

We had two SmartEDs (Electric Drives) to toss around

 We brought a few other EVs show up - Mitsubishi iMiEV, Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, Ford Focus EV, BMW ActiveE and the Chevy VOLT

 This was a fun little EV - very stable

Something you don't see very often - an EV chasing other EVs

Cars and Croissants - Chatham NJ

Forming our EV row - a SmartED joined us

 The Honda Fit EV always draws attention

 The SmartED was the crowd favorite

Father's Day Cars and Croissants - Summit NJ

The biggest Cars and Croissants to date - 500 cars

Yes that really is a potato and a few visitors really thought we got a boost

 We had a lot full of EVs - 2 Tesla Roadsters, 1 Tesla Model S, 1 BMW ActiveE, 1 Honda Fit EV, 1 Nissan LEAF, 1 Chevy VOLT, 1 Prius Plug-in and 1 Zero S motorcycle

 Group shot

Metuchen Cruise Night

 On main street - joined by a Nissan LEAF and a Zero S motorcycle

The ActiveE was very popular