Monday, June 3, 2013

Charge Up and Eat Up

Ever wondered what restaurants there are that have EVSEs for customer use?  It would be so convenient to be able to get a bite to eat while you charge up your EV in an EV friendly place.  Unless you already know of those places you are probably out of luck since the EVSE locator apps don't let you search by business category.

I figured I will do something about it, I'll build a map listing all the restaurants or food places that installed EVSEs for their customers.

The qualifications are pretty simple.  I'm looking for restaurants that installed EVSEs specifically for their customers.  EVSEs near a restaurant that the restaurant owner/management did not install don't count.  Hotels with restaurants count as long as the customer can plug in and eat but not have to stay the night. With that said I will also be including chains and franchises, specific locations, so if a McDonalds has an EVSE for customers to use it counts.

I'd like to call upon the EV community to help me populate the map.  Please submit locations you know of to myactivee(@)gmail(.)com (delete brackets) or post them in the comments section.

Please include the business name, full address, website and phone number if you have it, plus, any other details you think may help like where the EVSE is located.  I will verify each submission to be sure they have a working EVSE and it is for customers as well as what kind of EVSE it is and what fees if any.

If all looks good I'll add it to the map which you can find HERE (last updated 6.21.13)

I'm using Google Maps to plot the locations

Thanks in advance for the help....check back often for updates.

Since I live in NJ let me share the three that are here.

Nauna's Bella Casa
148 Valley Rd, Montclair, NJ

Centrally located and within 15 miles of NYC as well as easy access to other parts of Northern NJ is Nauna's.  Tom Moloughney, owner and friend on mine as well as a passionate EV advocate (he drives an ActiveE) installed two Level 2 chargers in his restaurant parking lot.  You will find one from ChargePoint and one from Ecotality (Blink).  There is also a bike rack.

Juicing up at Nauna's

This is a very busy EV location and you will often see another EV charging up there.  When you go in ask for Tom, you will have a great EV conversation and get additional inside scoops on the industry, don't forget to visit his blog here

Restaurant Details:
Note: Their calzones are huge and the staff extremely friendly. 

EVSE details:
  • Two marked parking spots near the front entrance. Pull into parking lot and turn to your right.  The ChargePoint is on your right and the Blink is on your left, both at the end of lot.  
  • The ChargePoint is a dedicated EV space, the Blink is not.  If both EV spots are taken and you need a boost go inside and ask for Tom.  If he is there he can help you out.
  • ChargePoint Level 2 and Level 1 - ChargePoint Network card required - Charging is free
  • Ecotality (Blink) Level 2 - Blink Membership card required - there is a $1 fee per hour to charge

Mrs Riley's Publik House
4-6 Main St, High Bridge, NJ 08829

In the Western part of NJ along Rt. 78 is Mrs. Riley's which has two Level 2 chargers from AeroVironment.  John and Denise Hickson, the owners, drive a Nissan LEAF.  Mrs. Riley's was actually the first charge-up spot for Men's Health Electric Car Challenge in 2012 - a drive across the US - read about their visit here

The front of Mrs. Riley's - Chargers are around back from Center St.

4-6 Main St High Bridge, NJ 08829 is the address. My GPS can't do 4-6 so I entered 4 and was fine.

Plugged in around back

Restaurant Details:
  • Food: American
  • Family friendly: Yes
  • Liquor license: Yes
Note: They have a huge selection of good beers on tap and bottled and the customers there are always excited to see another EV

EVSE details:
  • Chargers are accessible in the restaurant lot behind the building on Center St. - pull in and they are all the way to the back left.
  • Two AeroVironment Level 2 EVSEs and one Level 2.  
  • No network card needed, just plug in - free charging
  • This is a gravel lot so there are no marked EV spaces.  If blocked walk in and talk to the staff, they will help you out.

Smokey's Brick Oven Tavern
2 Vernon Crossing Rd, Vernon Township, NJ

I've have not been to Smokey's yet but it is located up in Northern NJ near the boarder of NY and has two Level 2 Chargepoint EVSEs.  According to ChargePoints site they are solar powered and from pictures I saw online they have a Nissan LEAF that they make deliveries in.

Restaurant Details:
EVSE details:
  • It looks like they have the stations near the entrance along McAfee Glenwood Road - go in and they should be to your right
  • Two ChargePoint Level 2s - ChargePoint Network card required - Charging is free

With the locations of these restaurants Northern NJ is covered.  You can shop, take a drive with the family and explore the pretty country and small towns and charge up your EV while you charge up yourself or family with a bite to eat.  I hope Southern NJ is not far behind.

All of Northern NJ is pretty much fully accessible with an EV

Not New Jersey but the owner used to drive a Mini E and now he drives a Think!

Cliff's Elbow Room
1549 Main Rd, Jamesport, NY

I have not eaten there but I see his posts on FB and the food looks amazing.  They have one Clipper Creek Level 2 EVSE.  Their website is and FB page is

A final note but a very important one.....please be responsible and use Charging Etiquette.  The restaurants listed above have all installed these chargers on their own dime and in most cases charging is free for you.  The owners believe in EVs so please be courteous and stop in for some food if you are using their chargers and say hello.