Friday, October 11, 2013

EVs and Yoga - Of Course

 Even with the drizzle in the air we had decent foot traffic

The other weekend the New Jersey Electric Auto Association joined in on a wellness event called Wellness: Mo-Town.  The idea for us was to show our cars to an audience that was not there to see EVs or talk green, they were there for health and wellness, I for one feel EVs are all about both so this was a perfect venue.

As luck would have it the weather on that day was foggy with drizzle, but that did not stop us from bringing our EVs and talking with the attendees.

Yoga was well under way (Photo by Kevin Coughlin)

I found that the folks that came by to talk with us were truly interested in EVs and not at all hesitant to speak with us.  Whether it was a pure EV or extended range like a VOLT they were very interested in one as their next car.  Of course we ran into a couple of those who just don't want to get it but otherwise the majority of our visitors were keen on the idea and were curious how we got along with them.  We of course were more than happy to tell them how much we loved driving an EV and how much sense it made.  Many of the visitors had families with them and were immediately drawn to the two Honda Fit EVs especially the one with the roof box and two child seats in the made an EV very real for them.  

Overall a good crowd and the right crowd, a few were now going to check EVs out at their dealer, always good.  The event was a little lighter than expected due to the weather but our section got pretty busy.  Oh, and not once was I asked if I worked for BMW, a first!   

We were even picked up in Morristown Green.  Check it out to see us and the rest of the event

Zero S, Tesla Roadster, BMW ActiveE, 2 Honda Fit EVs

The Ford Focus EV joined us a bit later....all the way up front

Ben conducting an interview with Morristown Green

The Fit EVs are always a hit with families