Monday, July 16, 2012

Don't creep me out

There has been some discussion about dialing in simulated 'automatic like' creep into EVs, just like a gas car with an automatic transmission. If you drive an a gas car with an automatic you know that when you take your foot off of the brake the will start to roll forward if you are in 'Drive'.  EVs do not do this by nature and engineers have been looking at programming this into EVs so they feel more like gas cars....this is just ridiculous. Here is a hint - EVs are not gas cars so why should they act like them.

I feel like we are taking a step backwards here...EVs are the new transportation technology, why carry over legacy characteristics - now is the time to do it a new way, a better way, the right way.  The only reason we have creep in gas cars is because it was too difficult or expensive to engineer it out.

Tesla dialed 'creep' into their Roadster - I did not like it, felt weird. My foot is not on the accelerator and the motor is not turning so why should I be moving.  Unlike a gas car electric motors do not turn or run until you tell them to - gas cars are always running when on - it is why they creep with automatic transmissions...they are always engaged when placed into 'Drive.

These days of intelligent vehicles there is little fear of rolling back on on a hill as most cars have hill assist to prevent this...I'm sure engineers could do that in any direction the car is pointing...just please no creep.

Is creep making the car more dangerous?  Let's think about can't here it or feel it when your EV is on so what is there to tell you the car is rolling forward very slowly, after taking your foot off of the brake, other than your wits which these days are absent in most drivers due to all of the distractions we face in a modern car.

One must wonder if any unintended acceleration accidents are because drivers who took their foot off of the accelerator while in 'drive' were caught off guard when rolling forward, panicked and then slammed their foot back down on the accelerator thinking it was the brake.