Sunday, March 18, 2012

ActiveE activity

Michael and Pamela's ActiveE upfront - mine in back

I've seen another ActiveE driving opposite of our route a couple of times on Saturdays in recent weeks and discovered it was Michael and Pamela (
blog here) that I knew from my MiniE days. So we decided to meet up and give those of Meyersville an EV thrill.

As Michael and Pamela began to head out I listened to basically nothing as they drove off, it still impresses me today how amazingly quiet and calming an EV is in motion. After growing up around cars of all types, mostly loud ones, it is a pleasant change.

After I got my family into the car and we were getting ready to roll away I overheard some bicyclists at the coffee shop talking about the 1 series - mine. I said this one was all electric, and to my surprise one of them said just like the MiniE - good to talk to knowledgeable EVer. Even more impressive was the ActiveE was on and we could talk to each other 50 feet apart without yelling...very civilized.

The posts cover up old gasoline pumps - the US Mail was looking at EVs a few years ago, a perfect solution for them

There was more EVlicious activity in Meyersville in that one coffee drinking hour than they have ever had in their history.

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