Monday, March 19, 2012

Range be damned...

As my previous post noted I had to drive my diesel SUV since I was down on juice this morning...well I felt kinda bad about that and missed being in the ActiveE so when I did get back to where I left it - I actually parked it on a side street to make the swap into the diesel, couldn't be seen you know - anyway I turned off EcoPro and said to myself - range be damned!

As I was flogging my ActiveE around the side roads of Chatham, ever so stealthily until I came upon a hapless pedestrian along the sidewalk, I'd then floor it so the motor whine alerted them to something menacingly EVlicious - yes, made them pause and look...this was fun but I needed larger game...then I came upon a LOTUS.

As I got closer to my target I noticed it was an early model LOTUS Elise....a real beauty and one with very little emission control. But this wasn't about beauty was was about dusting a dino juice drinking car with an electric car and with this one I had a chance...I wanted to shock this guy so to speak.

I pulled up silently behind him....light turned green and he took off, he took the bait. Once I got above 15 I was catching up and he was losing momentum on the shifts....I had him!! He pulled to the side and we slowed quickly as we came to the next light, my regen screaming loudly with the taste of conquest. He asked if my car was electric...I confirmed it was...and he said he figured since there was no exhaust - a car guy he was!

I could tell he wanted another go. I glanced at my dash, EcoPro is off, check, nothing is on to take away from the power I was going to lay down on the asphalt, check...light turns green, he was looking down, I rolled off quickly, he never heard me go...ha! I looked back in the mirror and could see him struggling, he miss shifted. Lucky for me because Lotus's are fast and if he was a skilled driver I probably would not be posting this...but the ActiveE makes all of us doesn't it.

He stayed back and followed me a few more miles, then turned off and waved. ActiveE you rock!!

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