Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A gem of an EV

The weather is improving and I'm getting used to this EV. I'm still on the 110 which is forcing me to perfect my distance skills. Today I reset the mls/kWh tracking to zero to see what I could get, the temperature was a comfortable mid 60s. The higher the number the further you can drive....well after about 20 mins I hot the upper 3s and then I settled into 4 finishing up at 4.2 and the computer told me I could get 118 if I kept going at that pace. Wow, that is awesome.

My drive consists of a few full stops and some steep uphills and downhills with an average speed of 40mph. Temperature really plays a roll and later in the day as it cooled my range and mls/kWh dropped a bit but still with some meaty range left.


  1. Happy to be a passenger in your blog while driving my own ActiveE the bmw ActiveE does not disappoint. Wow is the ActiveE quiet...I mean really quiet
    Thank for sharing

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    1. Thanks for riding is really a fantastic EV and car. I'm impressed by it daily