Friday, March 2, 2012

Free charger update...Kudos to Coulomb

As some of you have read before I was awarded a free charger from Coulomb Technologies, I had the onsite inspection and was then awarded a fat estimate to install it - or more accurately'swap' the new charger for what I have now which is a Clipper Creek unit from my MiniE days. This was a 3rd party installer contracted by Coulomb which has now just begun to hear about these high install estimates - I'm not the only one.

All is not lost, I got an email and then later a call from Coulomb saying they were aware of my concerns and are looking into another option. How did they find out, they responded to post I left on the Facebook kudos to Coulomb for being proactive and reaching out to me.

Even if they are unable to make the install more attractive, I sure do hope they can, to me they did the right thing by contacting me and letting me know they were aware of the situation. Worst case I stick with my Clipper Creek.

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