Friday, March 2, 2012

Now I know...

Now I know why the regen is slightly less aggressive than the MiniE was, maybe for comfort, but I think it is because the ActiveE is rear wheel drive. If the rear wheels lock up it could cause a slide and guess happened.

The wheels did not lock up but I was coming around a curve on a fairly bumpy road and I had to slow down pretty quickly for a truck pulling out of their drive. I did full regen just as the rear of the car was hitting a bump compressing the rear suspension and then pushing back up lightening the rear tires just enough to lose traction (in regen on the ActiveE only the rears tires slow the car down) . A very slight slide occurred, all the safety anti-slip features kicked in immediately to straiten me out but it did happen. Roads were dry, so I wonder what would happen to an unsuspecting driver in the snow. We know how some drivers can't even handle driving in a strait line much less remaining calm in a slide maybe an EV school is in order.

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