Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have had the ActiveE for about one month and have done just over 1,600 fun miles, I'm really liking this EV.  I use it daily which would explain my play on the name in the title....this EV is active and everyday.

I use the ActiveE whenever and wherever I can

I may not put on the miles like some of my other fellow Electronauts but I do lots of short trips which is a real test of the usefulness of a car, I can tell you this car is useful and fun.  With my commute and errands I easily rack up over 40 miles a day with lots of start/stops.  What I mean by start/stop is turning the car off for a bit while I do my errand.  These trips could be a mile down the road or 10 miles to the next town....it really depends on the need but with the ActiveE it is easy.  I hop in and turn it on and I'm off enjoying my little drive.   On the weekends I often do 100 miles or more and my family is along for the ride.  We take lots of different trips here and there all in comfort, a real testament to the effectiveness of this EV as a daily car.   I do not think twice about using it - it is our first choice and I find myself looking for errands so I can go for another quick trip.   I would say the ActiveE meets 80% of our transportation needs - that is huge.  We still have our diesel SUV for the long trips and hauling all the family stuff but it is now the 2nd car.

I think BMW engineers also shop at Costco - like a glove


  1. This is why the most powerful tool in our ev conversion arsenal is to get people behind the wheel. have them understand that, even as a second car it gets 80%+ of the work, and that's 80%+ less gasoline.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. It is why I drive one, it really is a fantastic driving experience.