Friday, February 24, 2012

Still no clue

I had the ChargePoint free charger inspection today: let me make it clear that BMW is not related to this in any way, just that the ActiveE program is an approved program for the free charger - that's it. The inspection took about 15 mins...again I asked what additional costs, again they could not tell me and I'll be contacted by someone else, again - how difficult can this be? I already have an installed system, the CC that came with my MiniE, all I want is a swap. The inspector did hint at putting in all new wiring from my panel to the box...whaaaat?? The current wiring is only two years old and was installed by pros. This is where this is getting really messy.

I've emailed Coulomb a couple times but no response, I'm disappointed in the lack of information being sent my way. Whatever, this is my choice and I may just call the whole thing off and remain with what I have now. The inspector actually told me only their ESVE (Coulomb) and AV were approved for the ActiveE program - I corrected him immediately.....I just feel sad for future EVers who may get railroaded because this is NOT everyday stuff like having an electric dryer installed for the average person.

For those in CA it seems the State covers additional costs up to $1200 so they can say anything they want up to $1200 and the charger customer is fine. In NJ we have no such program, I'm betting they are trying to figure out what amount I'll be comfortable with and one they can still make a profit off of.

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