Sunday, February 5, 2012

So how does it drive...

Amazingly actually. I was seriously impressed.

I was able to take a test drive at JMK BMW in Springfield NJ which happens to be the place I ordered my ActiveE from. Give them a call for a test drive of your own or choose them as your selected ActiveE dealer - ask for Manny

The car drove like it was cut from a single block of steel, it was solid with no flex or vibration. That is probably because the BMW engineers reinforced the front end with brackets between the shock towers which is just one of the many chassis enhancements. In addition the ActiveE, based on the BMW 1 series, has improved on its nearly 50/50 weight distribution. What you have is an improved 1 series with the bonus of being an EV...pinch me please.

It may not be as spunky as the MiniE was but it is not slow and you are in the 60s before you even know what happened. The car just glides...a real pleasure to drive and will be fantastic for longer trips where the MiniE became a bit tiresome, fun, but tiresome. The ActiveE is much more of a grand tourer (GT).

Range is supposed to be around 100 with the new EcoPro activated. Once I have the car I'll be able to see what I can get. I'm hopeful the range will be a bit more than my MiniE which gave me over 110 (when weather was good) as the ActiveE has better battery management and is more aerodynamic.

BTW - my old MiniE blog can be found here.

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