Monday, February 13, 2012

Charger choices

Being that I had a MiniE about a year ago I had the Clipper Creek CS-40 installed and since I still have it I was not interested in purchasing an entirely new unit from AV. Bottom line I needed a J1772 connector as that is the new standard, the MiniE did not have this. Fortunately I was able to upgrade my CS-40 with Clipper Creeks J1772 upgrade kit for $400, includes shipping. The picture above shows the new connector.

The kit comes with a 25 foot upgraded cable and everything you need to hook it up - cool!

So now I just noticed that ChargePoint America has a program where I might be able to get a new charger for free and other goodies, interesting to say the least - so I applied. Let's see, maybe if not at my home then at my office...I'll keep you posted

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