Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's just a swap...right?

I've been waiting to see what being awarded a free charger from Coulomb Technologies really means...I think it means 'sit tight it's free and we are still working this out'.

After being awarded the charger emailed my contact at Coulomb a couple times asking questions about install and other details about their reply. I did get an email from a home inspector, not an installer as best I can tell, and I asked him what other costs are there if any, since all I was doing was swapping out my old Clipper Creek box from my MiniE days. He did not know....I'm still waiting for the initial inspection.

The problem is my ActiveE is about to arrive and I need a charger...fortunately I have the upgrade kit for my Clipper Creek box, cost $400, and if if this free charger from Coulomb costs less with install than the Clipper Creek upgrade kit, and the Coulomb has a warranty plus free software updates it is the better deal....right...maybe. My fear is once they finally tell me there is indeed an install cost (I've read $500 or more) it will be higher than the Clipper Creek kit and I will have missed some quality drive time with my ActiveE sipping from the 110.

I'm beginning to wonder.

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