Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting The Word Out

The other day I had the opportunity to do what I like doing best, showing off my EV.  This time it was to a newspaper, The Daily Record.  I've done interviews before and this time I got the chance to take the reporter for a quick spin in my ActiveE.  What better way to convince the reporter that EVs are real cars then to give her a ride in mine.

We took a couple back roads then I jumped on the highway for a few miles then back to where we started, a quick 15 miles and more than enough to show what and EV can do and how comfortable they are.

The outcome was great.  The reporter did a fantastic job on the story, she really did her homework.

Check out the link below for the full online article with video...

...to top it all off I landed on the front page and with the connection to Sustainable Morristown group (we have an event with them in a few days) and me being a member of the NJEAA (New Jersey Electric Auto Association) we got a two page spread.  Again this was a really well written article and a great boost to the adoption of EVs

A photo of the paper the article appeared in 5.16.13 

I mentioned above we had an event coming up which was part of the article.  It was the Morristown Festival Earth and unfortunately the rain never stopped but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the EV drivers that showed up.  We had decent foot traffic even on this very wet day.

6 EVs from the NJEAA joined us - 2 BMW ActiveEs, 2 Chevy VOLTs, 1 Honda Fit EV and 1 Nissan LEAF

The benefit of driving an EV is not just the driving thrill or being green, it is the whole experience

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