Friday, August 10, 2012

Spreading more EV love - Press EVents

I really like to bring my ActiveE to as many events as I can.....after all it is the best way to let people know how good EVs really are and how important they are for future transportation, especially with the reduction of air and noise pollution.  Yesterday I joined Environment New Jersey's press event announcing Bergen County Community College level 1 and level 2 charging stations (EVSEs) from ChargePoint in Paramus NJ.  The event appeared on WMBCTV and is making its way around the web - wrote about it.

My BMW ActiveE was joined by two 2012 Nissan LEAFs in support.  One LEAFs was driven by state Assemblyman Tim Eustace who had an EVSE installed at the State House for his 70 mile trip to Trenton.  That's a great idea and even better that the 70 mile one way trip costs around $5 in electricity vs. $10 in gas - if you have an economical car.  Oh, and let's not forget the LEAF has no emissions.

Station 1 - the LEAF (driven by Amy) behind me is at station 2

New Jersey Senator Robert Gordon also attended, he is in support of getting more public charging stations installed around New Jersey.  Such as in shopping centers and along the Garden State Parkway.  Did you know there are no public EVSE stations below Rt 78 and along the entire NJ shore route until you reach Atlantic City....that is well over 100 miles which is beyond the reach of many an EV.  I'm not talking about EVSEs that are tucked away at universities, private businesses or public parking lots you need to pay parking rates just to charge, I'm talking about truly accessible EVSEs that I can pull up to and get a boost for an hour or so while I get lunch with my family on our way to vacation at the shore.   I'll talk about this in a later post but I'm getting ready for a 270 mile round trip in my ActiveE - that is a cross country trek along Antarctica in EV speak - next week down along South Jersey.

The college students there were immediately drawn to the ActiveE

The ActiveE attracted a lot of attention among those at the event as most had no idea BMW made an electric car and it's a BMW with some funky looking stripes.  I gave a number of rides, including one to the Senator.  Fortunately I was able to really open up the ActiveE in an empty lot.  Let's just say I got his attention, so much so on our return Senator Gordon told me he knows what kind of car he is going to shop for next time.

NJ Senator Robert Gordon

That really is all it takes, once people ride or drive an EV they realize they are giving up very little when compared to a gas car and gaining a more enjoyable driving experience.

NJ Assemblyman Tim Eustace's LEAF - he gave rides as well

I even had a chance to speak - I usually have my eyes open

I met some cool community leaders at this event and I will be supporting their own events in the near future.  A big kudos to Bergen County Community College for allowing us EV drivers to use those campus EVSEs - that's right, if you find yourself in a jam and need a boost head on over to Lot A - they should be coned off.  You will need a ChargePoint account.

Check out the map to find this EVSEs

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It really is a great time to be driving an EV, not only is it fun but it makes such good sense.  I got my ActiveE on Feb 28th 2012 and I now have 7,400 miles on it, being that my work commute is 33 miles round trip this just goes to show I really enjoy driving the car for pleasure too.  These are the most miles I've ever put on a car where I did not have to - EVs are awesome - period.


  1. Great job Chris. I charged, or tried to(GFCI faults) at BCC a while ago. One thing they do right is they keep cones in the parking spaces that are marked EV only so other students with gas cars can't park there.

  2. Thanks Tom!! The units were a bit dusty and birds seemed to like them...fortunately they cleaned them off and I heard ChargePoint updated the software. There are new Electric Charging station signs on the campus loop and they have cones marking the spaces with signs saying you will be ticketed if you park your ICE there. We are welcome to use those chargers so if you see an ICE car there let security know - they want this to work.

    It was a fun event - lots of EV excitement in the air.

  3. I noticed that also. If you look directly above them, there is the electrical raceway box. It's a perfect ledge for the birds that fly into the parking garage. The whole top of the unit was covered with bird poop, I didn't even want to touch it! Yuk! I took pictures and was going to do a post about it but decided not to because it was so nasty!